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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

kung fu panda

the other day, i had the chance to do what i've been wanting to do since i had them. this is my fave animated movie for this year. they were my birthday presents and yes they are free from happy meal but i do appreciate my friends who gave them to me. unfortunately i won't be able to complete them anymore *sniff*sniff*. i wish i would have Tigress, Viper and Mantis (donations anyone? :P)

since i can't do much with their poses, i tried playing with the lights and the effects (picasa). and i was satisfied!


  1. it's a movie of funy and philosophy

  2. Ayan finally, nakacomment din...

    Cge if I get them I'll send you kaso pag meron na kong money to send them lol...

    Love the shots! I will do some more din nga...

  3. giz, thanks! abangan ko na lang ang donation! hehehe!

  4. still gotta see Kung Fu Panda... Jack Black is classic for sure; he'll be forever famous for his work in School of Rock

  5. movie buff, thanks for dropping by my blog. yeah, i agree, Jack Black is one classic performer and i rock School of Rock! i love love that movie!


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