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Friday, October 31, 2008

a follow-up photo of my borobudur post :D. something to post for sky watch. other sky watch photos are here . have a lovely weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i was inspired to post some pictures from my last "adbentyur" in Indonesia way back in June. we went to Yogyakarta (pronounced: Jogjakarta) and visited the largest Buddhist temple in Borobudur. i have already posted my best picture in this entry . this is on the other side of the temple. inside those huge bells are buddhas which can be touched. it was a sight to behold at the temple though be prepared to climb up at least a hundred steps to reach the top.

it was a really a nice experience going there and checking the whole temple as there are stone sculptures by the wall which tells the story of the temple (too bad we weren't really listening to the tour guide). it was a sight to behold at sunrise. i've seen a couple of photographers who arrived very early to set up. and i thought we were early at 5:30 there!

if you'd like to find out more about Borobudur you can check here. i'm not much of a good story teller by the way! :D

Monday, October 27, 2008

i keep on taking pictures of our neighbor's plants. hehehe. if their front door is closed, and it's still early, i'd go take my camera and take pictures. i have to practice because i know that i'm still not good in taking flower pictures. i am still trying to do vignette, i just have to keep on practicing, just please bear with me!

Friday, October 24, 2008

i haven't posted for sky watch for the past few weeks. i couldn't get any sunset shots as it is always cloudy in the afternoon. besides they are my favourite pictures to post for sky watch. :D but i am just glad that i was able to get a nice sunrise photo from last week. i rarely get to take pictures of sunrise as i need to go to work early.
as you notice, it is quite a cloudy sunrise as well as some dark clouds are forming and threatening the brightness of the day. the rest of the day was cloudy, it just gave way to a nice sunrise as if giving me the chance to take a quick shot of it. :D have a lovely weekend! wonderful sky photos are found here

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the other day i received an email from a friend about apples. yeah, it was just a mass email. well, the content of the mail says that beware in eating the skin of the apple because it is covered in wax. to quote, "wax is used for preservation purposes and cold storage". it even has pictures of the apple being scraped by a cutter. i didn't believe it, i love eating apples with it's skin and i am washing it before eating. though yesterday at work, we gave it a try. we scraped the skin gently to prove that there isn't wax on the apple. 'lo and behold, the apple is really covered with a thin layer of wax! we were quite paranoid about it. but a colleague asked, "how long have you been eating apples with it's skin?! if it's really dangerous, you should be dead by now!" makes sense right?! we ended up laughing and eating the apple by the way! hehehe! that wax will be digested anyways!
so when i went home today and found apples on the table, i washed them and tried posing them in front of the camera. does it look delicious to eat?! i just had to make little adjustments to make them more appealing, hehe! and it is quite effective because i am eating my second apple right now! :D

Monday, October 20, 2008

"stealing 50 cars in one night, is that really possible?" i should've seen the movie when it was shown in the big screen eight years ago, i would've really enjoyed it. but then, i was torn between x-men and this one and i chose the former (it's x-men! duh!). although, what was i thinking that i have missed a number of years before finally remembering to watch the movie? though it made me appreciate it more now. i love Memphis and Eleanor's moments!

well, the reason is quite obvious why i appreciate the movie now. no, i don't know how to drive and yes, i own those cars in the above picture. it's around two-thirds of my entire "collection". the movie made me miss them a lot since they're home and i am not :'( but i'd be seeing them really soon and i am keeping a mental note of taking a picture of all of them. the movie gave me an idea though. it would be easier to remember the car if you name it right? so, i'm thinking of naming them one by one. and that will be really fun! name suggestions are welcome! :D

Friday, October 17, 2008

i've been a bum this week. i had a very busy schedule too. busy from playing, surfing, watching movies, and sleeping! :P that's all i did for five days. i practically stayed inside my room and just stepped out of the house twice and for not more than 30 minutes. it feels so good to just do nothing but enjoy the week's break from work.
the flower above is the result of what i am "learning" from my vice :D. i was trying to do vignette but i don't think i made it properly, hence i just had a "frame" for the flower that i caught this afternoon when i went to work for our prep work. the flowers are tiny again as i am trying to practice macro shooting too :D still have a lot of things to learn!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i'm a very big fan of Japanese food. i just can't enough of them most especially the sushi and sashimi. i love the salmon and tuna sashimi. a good sashimi like this will melt into your mouth. yumyum. most people are not fond of eating raw meat, but with this one, i can probably eat this everyday (as long as the meat is class A). i used flash here to have the colour come out then did some adjustments. don't you just love the colour of the salmon? me, i like! :D

Sunday, October 12, 2008

this was months old photo. we had our coffee at a cafe in Jakarta. if i remember it right, this is a frap topped with different kinds of nuts. the area was quite dark and if i am not using the flash, the picture is too yellowish and noisy too. so what i did was to cover the flash with the folded napkin (i've read about that kind of technique from flickr). i have forgotten about the picture until i opened the folder again. i did some playing again, i tried the 'orton' effect but i don't think it was a succesful attempt. nevertheless, i'm still satisfied with the result! :D this frap is really a yummy one!

Friday, October 10, 2008

whew! what a very busy week for me. a very exhausting week! this is an old photo that i took way back on our trip to yogyakarta (pronounced as jogjakarta). it was in a buddhist temple. lotus was quite far from me, about half a meter i guess so i had to use zoom for this shot. and did some cropping as well. i am not sure if the insects are bees or wasps. they are about a centimetre long. the more prominent one is in flight, i had never notice that before. i haven't made any sky shots for this week, i'll try to post one tomorrow.

Friday, October 03, 2008

it was a very busy week for me so i never had the chance to take photos of the sky. although to be honest, i was quite lazy to do so as well. this was the last sunset photo that i had upon leaving Jakarta last June taken from the balcony of our 19th floor apartment. it was taken the same day i had with the blue moon. other sky photos are found here. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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