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Monday, October 20, 2008

gone in 60 seconds


"stealing 50 cars in one night, is that really possible?" i should've seen the movie when it was shown in the big screen eight years ago, i would've really enjoyed it. but then, i was torn between x-men and this one and i chose the former (it's x-men! duh!). although, what was i thinking that i have missed a number of years before finally remembering to watch the movie? though it made me appreciate it more now. i love Memphis and Eleanor's moments!

well, the reason is quite obvious why i appreciate the movie now. no, i don't know how to drive and yes, i own those cars in the above picture. it's around two-thirds of my entire "collection". the movie made me miss them a lot since they're home and i am not :'( but i'd be seeing them really soon and i am keeping a mental note of taking a picture of all of them. the movie gave me an idea though. it would be easier to remember the car if you name it right? so, i'm thinking of naming them one by one. and that will be really fun! name suggestions are welcome! :D


  1. you have this blog pala! i have a tough time with multiply kasi eh....
    same lang ang blog entries???

    anyway, di ko pa din pala napanood ito... pero it is about cars pala. im sure you did have an exciting time watching this. il will try to see it when i get some free time off the computer and my books. hahaha..

    i added this site na to my bloglist! yey!

  2. Hello You !
    I haven't understand the challenge, sorry...

    Nice cars !

    See You later.

  3. Doc Gits, nope different ang blog entries :D sa multiply puro "reviews" ng pinapanood ko. this blog kung ano-ano lang :D

    try to watch the movie with hubby. super exciting 'to.


  4. webradio, it's not really a challenge, just asking for suggestions for names of my cars :D

  5. Yup, same here, haven't seen this movie yet...maybe I'll just rent a DVD heheheh

  6. try the movie, much better compared sa fast and furious trilogy IMO. hehehe!


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