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Sunday, October 12, 2008

whipped cream


this was months old photo. we had our coffee at a cafe in Jakarta. if i remember it right, this is a frap topped with different kinds of nuts. the area was quite dark and if i am not using the flash, the picture is too yellowish and noisy too. so what i did was to cover the flash with the folded napkin (i've read about that kind of technique from flickr). i have forgotten about the picture until i opened the folder again. i did some playing again, i tried the 'orton' effect but i don't think it was a succesful attempt. nevertheless, i'm still satisfied with the result! :D this frap is really a yummy one!


  1. Hello Syel !
    Very great shot !
    And beautiful "patisserie" ! Yommmm....

    Have a good day...
    See You later.

  2. True, diffusing flash by covering it with paper! Brilliant looks so firm not even melting! but is it supposed to melt?

  3. Webradio, thanks! it is really yummy! i love the this frap!

  4. giz, ayun diffusing flash nga! it did melt kaya as soon as malagay ang frap sa table kuha agad ng pics. after ng pictures, inom agad, it didn't last for five mins. hehehe!


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