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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

salmon sashimi

i'm a very big fan of Japanese food. i just can't enough of them most especially the sushi and sashimi. i love the salmon and tuna sashimi. a good sashimi like this will melt into your mouth. yumyum. most people are not fond of eating raw meat, but with this one, i can probably eat this everyday (as long as the meat is class A). i used flash here to have the colour come out then did some adjustments. don't you just love the colour of the salmon? me, i like! :D


  1. Hello Syel !

    Euh, is it good ??? Smile...
    Your ex^plain is nice for me, Thank You...

  2. Naku ang sarap nito, mahal nga dipped in wasabi and soy sauce...
    first time ko po mapadaan dito sa blog nyo (from Doc Gita's blog), and I'm so glad I did, mahilig kasi akong tumingin tingin ng pagkain...hehehe. I will link you to my blog if it's okay with you :)

  3. webradio, yes this is definitely good! i love salmon! hope you do too! :)

  4. dennis, thanks for dropping by! super sarap nga nito.

  5. I love salmon, just looking at it is enough for me...eating it is...heaven! lol ;-)


  6. i agree giz! it is really heaven to eat salmon!


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