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Friday, October 17, 2008


i've been a bum this week. i had a very busy schedule too. busy from playing, surfing, watching movies, and sleeping! :P that's all i did for five days. i practically stayed inside my room and just stepped out of the house twice and for not more than 30 minutes. it feels so good to just do nothing but enjoy the week's break from work.
the flower above is the result of what i am "learning" from my vice :D. i was trying to do vignette but i don't think i made it properly, hence i just had a "frame" for the flower that i caught this afternoon when i went to work for our prep work. the flowers are tiny again as i am trying to practice macro shooting too :D still have a lot of things to learn!


  1. Hello Syel !

    But Your flower is beautiful...

    See You later...

  2. Very beautiful flower. Purple is my favourite colour. Have a nice weekend. :)

  3. Hi Syel, You got a gorgeuos photo of a lovely flower here. Never mind the vignette, the photo looks good as it is :)

    I'm having fun reading your blog...especially when you said your were busy sleeping, lol ;P heheheh.

  4. alice, thanks for dropping by! it's a tiny tiny flower! :)

    Dennis, thank you! i would really like to learn the basics for PP :D. and yes, i had a very hectic schedule last week :D


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