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Saturday, January 31, 2009

taken at Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. got this shot during the recent stroll at Chinatown. i was contemplating if i will observe their "mass" or not. but then it seems like it will be for hours, so i've decided to go and come back next time. it's my first time to observe something like this and it gives me a different feeling. i feel that it was very solemn. i'll be back here for sure and i will be ready by that time. :D

Thursday, January 29, 2009

back to my regular view for sunset here in our building :D. my first sunset shot back here in Sg. i took this one about two weeks ago. the weather was sunny then a bit cloudy in the afternoon. i'm loving the trail of light and clouds as well in this picture. sky watch photos from around the world are here. have a lovely weekend everyone!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i got this shot at Bedok reservoir. had an afternoon walking around trying to tinker my toy :D i was actually trying to snap pictures of a spider (which was really unsuccessful) when this caught my eye. suddenly, it brought back my childhood days. i've seen lots of those near swamps or ponds but those way back are in bright pink. these that i have found are pale ones. but nevertheless i got interested in them. as you may have noticed, one or two are broken, i wonder where has it gone?
i'm just wondering if i'm right of what i think these are. if you are familiar, please feel free to tell me :D

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

in lieu of the Lunar New Year, we went to Chinatown last Saturday to observe the scenario and the crowd since it's most likely the centre for the CNY. so after work, we hurried there and took some pictures around. i was actually hoping for some fireworks, but alas, there is none, and before midnight i was already exhausted. the place is very crowded, with lots and lots and lots of stalls everywhere, selling different kinds of stuffs.

different kinds of candies (with free taste :D)

am not sure if they are pears, haven't asked anyone yet, the writings are in Mandarin, thus it doesn't help :D
pumpkins (i never thought that pumpkins are also a must for CNY)

flowers (name it they have it, sold for at least S$8)

chinese lanterns (lined up everywhere)

bee cheng hiang (bakkwa's a must every Lunar New Year, notice the long queue?)

he is definitely not for sale....such a shame that i wasn't able to snap a picture of his face.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year! i've been quite excited for this event since this is my first time to celebrate Chinese New Year here in Singapore. i never thought it was really big although they said there was a difference from before since country is in recession. another factor was that it was way too close from Christmas and New Year that's why people doesn't have enough money to spend for this celebration. nevertheless, it's still fun observing the preparations for the Chinese New Year.
i've been out lately but i had fun walking in Chinatown the other night. i'll post pictures of my latest adventure there in my upcoming posts. but for now, i need to go to bed as i have to wake up early to greet Happy New Year and receive my "hong bao" :D

Monday, January 19, 2009

i've been eyeing to take a picture of Garfield ever since i saw him in the bag (he's a key chain, by the way :D). he's one of my fave cartoon characters and probably i had sort of look up to him. he's one fat lazy cat who loves to eat and loves to hate odie (poor lil dog). now, you'll all be having a picture of me (i don't hate odie or dogs, i am not just that fond of them). but like garfield, i love to eat and a bum if given the chance. lol!
also one of the reasons why i bravely took a close up picture of him is to test my "memphis".

Friday, January 16, 2009

tower in Tangs at Orchard Road. i took this shot last year while walking in broad daylight. if i remember it right, i took this one while waiting to cross the road along Wheelock./the sun was shining really bright. was just having fun snapping photos pretending to be a tourist! :D

Thursday, January 15, 2009

this was shot at DMIA in Clark, Pampanga. This was my last sunset shot back home. i don't know when will i be able to make sunset shots back home but i am certainly looking forward for more sunset shots this year. i like the silhouettes of the lamp posts against the cloudy sky. have a happy weekend everyone! more sky watch photos here.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

taken during the UP lantern parade last year. just went there with my friend to meet up during my break. first time to see and watch the parade. it was indeed very nice though we haven't really started and finished the whole parade as i was too tired and exhausted because i've just arrived that day. my bad that most of the pictures that i have are crappy or blurry. another thing is that i wasn't able to see the fifteen-minute fireworks. my growling tummy is important than the sight. :D

Sunday, January 11, 2009

i know it's another moon shot. i seem to be a bit obsessed with the moon :D but i can't help it. this is the full moon shot that i had today. my other entry for sky watch was taken half a month ago. thanks to Reena for telling me that the moon is certainly bigger these nights. which was proven really true :D here's another cropped shot of the moon...

what a good start for my week! :D

Thursday, January 08, 2009

my only moon shot when i had my vacation for the yuletide season. taken at DMIA clark, pampanga at 5:45 in the morning while waiting for my mum to pick me up at the airport. i really can't help but be mesmerized with the moon.

Sky Watch photos are up! Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

when i came home for the holidays, i didnt expect that we'd have a little garden (courtesy of my lola). i told my mum that our garden is "magubat". but really, i am very pleased to see lots of plants and flowers. i admire my mum and grandma because they have green thumb. it's easy for them to grow plants/flowers. i, on the other side has not inherited that thumb and worse, i can't even make a plant grow. even when i was young, all the plants that i planted would die no matter how i take care of them so i just gave up. i've learnt the value of giving up at an early age. :D
that's just one of the flowers in the garden. i managed to snap a picture of it. i forgot to ask them what flower is it. and i admit that i am very poor identifying flowers except the "common flowers" i see.

Monday, January 05, 2009

this was one of my first shots as soon as i set foot back home. i arrived really early morning at Diosdado Macapagal International Airport since it's much nearer to home. DMIA is at Clark, Pampanga. it was cold when i arrived and i heard that it was also the coldest morning so far (19 degrees celcius). as i was waiting for mum, i took the chance to snap a few pictures at the airport. but to be honest, you won't see that much from the airport except the tarmac.

the sun was rising at the other side and practically, the view from where the sun is isn't appealing (or maybe i was too short to see the full view). i looked at what's in front of me and that is what i have seen. i was really trying my best to capture the view. i'm pretty amazed at the green view, i didn't expect to see one like this or probably i never bothered to care before. but better late than never! :D

Saturday, January 03, 2009

as i have mentioned, there are a couple of pictures that i have to dispose (post) now that i am back :D i sure had fun during my vacation and have appreciated almost every minute of it.

one thing that i have realised is that New Year in the Philippines is truly amazing. you don't have to go to big parties just to see fireworks. i was just in our neighborhood and was practically enjoying watching firecrackers and fireworks. and even if it is drizzling (first time i have experienced it!) no one can stop my neighbors from partying around. they started at around 4 in the afternoon (firecrackers) and lasted until the wee hours in the morning. here are the shots that i managed to get because most of the time i was just enjoying the sights.

red bursts

mini burst

colourful bursts

hope you all had a fun and welcomed the New Year with a bang! :D

Happy New Year!!!!
my first post for the year, although it really didn't fall on a Friday, i'm just excited to post this pic as i have just come back from my holiday vacation back home! yay! i was out for more than two weeks from blogging as i didn't really surf the net. i had a blast from my vacation! and now, i'm back to the real world. argh! if i could only extend it, but i can't. :'(
well i've got loads of stuffs to dispose (read:post) from my vacation but for now, i'll just post this one. this also happens to be my first fireworks attempt shot. now, i need to go back to bed as i badly needed some sleep. :D i'll drop by the rest of sky watch photos after my much needed rest. have a great weekend everyone! and a Happy New Year too!
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