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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

For Sale


in lieu of the Lunar New Year, we went to Chinatown last Saturday to observe the scenario and the crowd since it's most likely the centre for the CNY. so after work, we hurried there and took some pictures around. i was actually hoping for some fireworks, but alas, there is none, and before midnight i was already exhausted. the place is very crowded, with lots and lots and lots of stalls everywhere, selling different kinds of stuffs.

different kinds of candies (with free taste :D)

am not sure if they are pears, haven't asked anyone yet, the writings are in Mandarin, thus it doesn't help :D
pumpkins (i never thought that pumpkins are also a must for CNY)

flowers (name it they have it, sold for at least S$8)

chinese lanterns (lined up everywhere)

bee cheng hiang (bakkwa's a must every Lunar New Year, notice the long queue?)

he is definitely not for sale....such a shame that i wasn't able to snap a picture of his face.


  1. i love these shots! and cute nung pumpkin and pears. Parang decorations sa bahay. :)

  2. Syel, sumali ka naman sa Litratong Pinoy....katuwa talaga, your photos are so vivid!

  3. reena thank you! halos mahulog ako sa kakatawa with the embarrassing moments. you had freudian slip :D

    giz salamat! i will join, lakas ka sken eh! :D


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