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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

dotted flower

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when i came home for the holidays, i didnt expect that we'd have a little garden (courtesy of my lola). i told my mum that our garden is "magubat". but really, i am very pleased to see lots of plants and flowers. i admire my mum and grandma because they have green thumb. it's easy for them to grow plants/flowers. i, on the other side has not inherited that thumb and worse, i can't even make a plant grow. even when i was young, all the plants that i planted would die no matter how i take care of them so i just gave up. i've learnt the value of giving up at an early age. :D
that's just one of the flowers in the garden. i managed to snap a picture of it. i forgot to ask them what flower is it. and i admit that i am very poor identifying flowers except the "common flowers" i see.

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