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Monday, January 19, 2009

unlocked me!


i've been eyeing to take a picture of Garfield ever since i saw him in the bag (he's a key chain, by the way :D). he's one of my fave cartoon characters and probably i had sort of look up to him. he's one fat lazy cat who loves to eat and loves to hate odie (poor lil dog). now, you'll all be having a picture of me (i don't hate odie or dogs, i am not just that fond of them). but like garfield, i love to eat and a bum if given the chance. lol!
also one of the reasons why i bravely took a close up picture of him is to test my "memphis".


  1. huh? i can't believe you're not fond of dogs. :) i love dogs! they're better than men. haha. o sige, cats are also better than men.

  2. Wow nice macro! Garfield is soooo cute ;)

  3. reena definitely cats are better than men! lol! maybe i should try to be fond of dogs na din :D

  4. d dennis thanks! and yes, Garfield is definitely cute!!!!


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