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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Fireworks on New Year's Eve


as i have mentioned, there are a couple of pictures that i have to dispose (post) now that i am back :D i sure had fun during my vacation and have appreciated almost every minute of it.

one thing that i have realised is that New Year in the Philippines is truly amazing. you don't have to go to big parties just to see fireworks. i was just in our neighborhood and was practically enjoying watching firecrackers and fireworks. and even if it is drizzling (first time i have experienced it!) no one can stop my neighbors from partying around. they started at around 4 in the afternoon (firecrackers) and lasted until the wee hours in the morning. here are the shots that i managed to get because most of the time i was just enjoying the sights.

red bursts

mini burst

colourful bursts

hope you all had a fun and welcomed the New Year with a bang! :D


express yourself :D and a big thanks!!!!

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