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Saturday, January 03, 2009

sky watch Friday #15


Happy New Year!!!!
my first post for the year, although it really didn't fall on a Friday, i'm just excited to post this pic as i have just come back from my holiday vacation back home! yay! i was out for more than two weeks from blogging as i didn't really surf the net. i had a blast from my vacation! and now, i'm back to the real world. argh! if i could only extend it, but i can't. :'(
well i've got loads of stuffs to dispose (read:post) from my vacation but for now, i'll just post this one. this also happens to be my first fireworks attempt shot. now, i need to go back to bed as i badly needed some sleep. :D i'll drop by the rest of sky watch photos after my much needed rest. have a great weekend everyone! and a Happy New Year too!


  1. Thank you for the splendid sky photos - the perfect entry into a new year!

  2. Oh what a perfect photo.
    Happy new year.
    Lake of the Ozarks, Mo. USA

  3. What a beautiful shot of the fireworks. Thanks so much for sharing this with SWF!

  4. nice shot. dami din fireworks in our neighborhood, but it doesn't last until 4AM. Actually, 1AM tahimik na ung lugar. haha. i think the people do not want to spend on fireworks anymore. hihi. happy new year!


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