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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

what are those?


i got this shot at Bedok reservoir. had an afternoon walking around trying to tinker my toy :D i was actually trying to snap pictures of a spider (which was really unsuccessful) when this caught my eye. suddenly, it brought back my childhood days. i've seen lots of those near swamps or ponds but those way back are in bright pink. these that i have found are pale ones. but nevertheless i got interested in them. as you may have noticed, one or two are broken, i wonder where has it gone?
i'm just wondering if i'm right of what i think these are. if you are familiar, please feel free to tell me :D


  1. those are eggs! i just don't know kung anong insekto or amphibian yan. i also used to play sa sapa. and i collect butete..hahaha. hay, those were the days....

  2. hahaha! galing ah! eggs nga ng kinokolekta mo yata. correct those were the days na!


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