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Saturday, January 31, 2009

buddhist monk


taken at Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. got this shot during the recent stroll at Chinatown. i was contemplating if i will observe their "mass" or not. but then it seems like it will be for hours, so i've decided to go and come back next time. it's my first time to observe something like this and it gives me a different feeling. i feel that it was very solemn. i'll be back here for sure and i will be ready by that time. :D


  1. i'm curious with other religions and their rituals as well. matagal ko na ngang gusto pumasok sa isang mosque...just for the experience...

  2. interesting and fascinating. hindi pa ako nakakapasok ng mosque pero i've seen from outside kung pano sila pag samba. naka-usyoso sa jakarta. hehehe!

  3. great shot, sis; galing ng effects ha...
    it is really interesting to learn other religions and how their people take their faith seriously...

  4. thanks doc! quite interesting, medyo ndi lang ako prepared when i went there kaya for sure i'll be back :D


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