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Monday, January 05, 2009

resting plane


this was one of my first shots as soon as i set foot back home. i arrived really early morning at Diosdado Macapagal International Airport since it's much nearer to home. DMIA is at Clark, Pampanga. it was cold when i arrived and i heard that it was also the coldest morning so far (19 degrees celcius). as i was waiting for mum, i took the chance to snap a few pictures at the airport. but to be honest, you won't see that much from the airport except the tarmac.

the sun was rising at the other side and practically, the view from where the sun is isn't appealing (or maybe i was too short to see the full view). i looked at what's in front of me and that is what i have seen. i was really trying my best to capture the view. i'm pretty amazed at the green view, i didn't expect to see one like this or probably i never bothered to care before. but better late than never! :D


  1. what beautiful colors! lovely landscape!

  2. nice landscape. Is that part of mt. pinatubo? you flew via tiger airways no? i haven't tried it yet, but many of my friends who work in singapore uses this airline.

  3. dennis thank you!

    reena hindi ko sure if part nga ng mt. pinatubo eh :) nope, via cebupac ako. pero kasabay din dun tiger. :)


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