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Monday, December 15, 2008

or was it sunset?! honestly i'm a bit confused with my title as well :D this was taken a few months ago. i've got a couple of sunset pictures of the same day but of different timings. and i know this one was on an earlier time. it's not that dark yet and if i remember it right the sky was a bit pinkish in colour. i really can't seem to get enough of sunset photos.
it's holiday season and i'm getting excited about my vacation ( uuwi ako! yey!). this might be my last post for the year as i promised myself to surf the net less while on vacation. have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year ahead! :D

Friday, December 12, 2008

it's a full moon tonight! or so i thought :D can't help but be engrossed with it again. i've been eyeing the moon since Monday although i haven't got the chance to take a picture of it. i've been keeping a mental note to myself that i need another full moon shot :D i'm quite happy that the sky is clear, almost spotless except for the moon.

since it's end of term party in school, parents brought in a lot of food (some savoury and most are sweets). today, one parent brought in yam cake. i am actually not familiar with this food, that i had to google it. although it was actually yam and pumpkin cake according to the mum. it's my first time to eat this cake and since we had a lot of sweets this week, it was nice to feel a different flavour in the mouth. i've actually never seen a cake topped with chilis, spring onions and dried prawns. and the cake was bought in Classic Cakes. :)
enjoy the moon and the cake :D have a lovely weekend everyone. Sky watch entries are found here.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

it certainly looks like a star (not the five-point type). and nope, i didn't position it to look like that nor try to open that fruit (?!) to make a shape of a star. and honestly, i don't know what fruit from that tree is. i found it just like that when i went out to cover the slides at the playground. ate d thought it was star anise but definitely it is not. if you know what kind of fruit is it, please do let me know :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i ended my busy week last week by chilling out with pasta, pizza, buffalo wings and beers. i went with a friend to chill out at Breko's in Holland Village. since we met up after work, we were so hungry for dinner that as soon as the pasta came, it went straight to our plates and had finished it off in a matter of minutes before finally realising that i haven't taken a quick snap of it. so as soon as the pizza arrived, my friend immediately grabbed a slice and i quickly took some snapshots of it.

the pizza in different angles:

angle 1

angle 2

it was meatball pizza (it was called "pizza no ball") and was very nice. it's just simply topped with two meatballs per slice and some olives but we were both satisfied. it was good with the heavy cheese toppings too, and the meatball was delicious! :D

after pizza, we ordered buffalo wings. in their menu, they had the spicy wings and buffalo wings. we were contemplating about ordering the spicy wings but the server said buffalo wings were even spicier so that's what we had while chilling out. i didn't realise if it's really spicy because it tastes good too and probably i was already immune with spicy dishes (just a little bit).

all in all i had a very good evening with a happy tummy! :D

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas season is here! yeah, i know, i realise it way too late :D well, since the month has started, i've been very busy putting things in order before i leave work for my most awaited vacation. yey! i can't wait to eat and shop for the holiday season! :D

it's the last week in school today, so we're having end of term party for the children. one mum brought the chocolate chip cookies that she had baked at home. i'm not really a cookie fanatic but her cookies are really good! almost sinful! i know i didn't do justice for taking pictures of these yummy cookies but it was hard trying to control the urge to gobble them. it was moist, chocolatey yet sweet enough to keep you craving for a second serving.

these are the ones i saved to bring home (all in all i had five :D) for a little photoshoot :D hope you enjoy them too! :D

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