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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

meatball pizza


i ended my busy week last week by chilling out with pasta, pizza, buffalo wings and beers. i went with a friend to chill out at Breko's in Holland Village. since we met up after work, we were so hungry for dinner that as soon as the pasta came, it went straight to our plates and had finished it off in a matter of minutes before finally realising that i haven't taken a quick snap of it. so as soon as the pizza arrived, my friend immediately grabbed a slice and i quickly took some snapshots of it.

the pizza in different angles:

angle 1

angle 2

it was meatball pizza (it was called "pizza no ball") and was very nice. it's just simply topped with two meatballs per slice and some olives but we were both satisfied. it was good with the heavy cheese toppings too, and the meatball was delicious! :D

after pizza, we ordered buffalo wings. in their menu, they had the spicy wings and buffalo wings. we were contemplating about ordering the spicy wings but the server said buffalo wings were even spicier so that's what we had while chilling out. i didn't realise if it's really spicy because it tastes good too and probably i was already immune with spicy dishes (just a little bit).

all in all i had a very good evening with a happy tummy! :D


  1. sarap naman...kakagutom ah hehehe ;)

  2. dennis yup! sarap nga, nasimot namin lahat ng food sa table eh! hehehe!

  3. Drooollll!! lol, sarap tingnan nung pizza....shensha na di makacomment ng madalas...:D Enjoy your food!


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