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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

chocolate chip cookies


Christmas season is here! yeah, i know, i realise it way too late :D well, since the month has started, i've been very busy putting things in order before i leave work for my most awaited vacation. yey! i can't wait to eat and shop for the holiday season! :D

it's the last week in school today, so we're having end of term party for the children. one mum brought the chocolate chip cookies that she had baked at home. i'm not really a cookie fanatic but her cookies are really good! almost sinful! i know i didn't do justice for taking pictures of these yummy cookies but it was hard trying to control the urge to gobble them. it was moist, chocolatey yet sweet enough to keep you craving for a second serving.

these are the ones i saved to bring home (all in all i had five :D) for a little photoshoot :D hope you enjoy them too! :D


  1. hingi!!! hahah as if pwede, I also thought you're in Pinas na...i'll look for more photos from you! post ko yung last sky shot mo sa driveby ha...thanks!

  2. i ate it for you na lang :D one more week to go and off to pinas na ko. thanks for posting it sa driveby din! :)

  3. i love choco chip cookies! parang ang sarap sarap naman nito... i love them more pag homebaked. mas yummy talaga than the commercial ones...
    nice shots!

  4. doc, this is really good! the mum will share the recipe to me, pero di k'se ako mahilig sa baking, eating lang eh! :D

  5. naku, ako din.. kulang pala ang statement ko... i love it when its homebaked... not by me... hehehe...
    taga kain din lang ako.
    but i hope you could share the recipe. ipapa bake ko sa iba. hehehe.. then ako ulit kakain. wise one huh!

  6. doc, i couldn't help but laugh! hehehe! medyo marunong naman ako sa baking pero ala akong patience eh. i will share the recipe next year pag nagkita na kami ni mummy :D


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