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Saturday, November 29, 2008

sky watch Friday #13


i've been running out of titles for my sky watch entries :D hence i've decided to follow suit and just number my sky watch entries from now on. and as you can see, most of my entries are of sunsets and i really can't be redundant naming them all sunsets :D

i took this photo today after i alighted at the MRT. we had a really hot and warm day today so i was practically waiting for sunset :D when i alight at the station, i felt like it was the perfect moment so i happily snapped this photo. it was actually around 7 pm when i had this shot. other lovely sky photos are here. have a lovely weekend everyone! Happy Thanksgiving too!


  1. Oh - so pretty. Lovely golden colours.

  2. That is a wonderful shot, I am very impressed.

    Regina In Pictures

  3. Wow so beautiful! I love the colors!
    You are the master!

  4. What a beautiful sky that you captured that night. Lovely!

  5. MRT!!!!! youre here na! welcome home! kamusta?
    hectic pa ba sked? naku, sana we can meet, kaso, ako naman eh hectic din ata ang magiging sked.. lots of relatives coming home to visit din...
    hanggang kelan ka dito? how are you enjoying so far?
    love your skywatch series...

  6. I take this as a driveby photo? Then I'd borrow it if its ok with you =) The sunsets on 'our' part, which is southeast asia always has a lovely golden glow no? Haaay kakainggit!

  7. dennis thanks! di pa po ako master, apprentice pa lang. :)

    doc, Sg pa din ako. have to wait for three weeks pa.

    giz, sure! walang problema! never been to the other side of the world, although it's always lovely golden sunsets in this side! :D


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