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Monday, November 24, 2008



i have never owned a pet animal in my entire life until i adopted kenken. i've always avoided having pets because it would mean commitment. i don't like obligations and responsibilities. although things have changed when i adopted kenken. i actually named him Kenshin (from my fave anime character). he's a snob and a spoiled brat. whenever i'm home, he'd always sleep with me or hang around with me lying on my tummy or leaning on my legs. he never liked other people except me, mum and grandma. my grandma always tease me that he behaves like me.
this morning, my mum sent me a message. ken came home sick yesterday afternoon. they brought him to a vet and was given medicine. she brought him home and was watching after him. before midnight, my mum was supposed to give him medicine when she noticed he's not moving. he's gone. she asked my uncle to bury him this morning.
i won't be seeing him anymore...i'll be missing him a lot...


  1. naku sis, im so sorry about kenken... alam mo, i cant help but shed a tear while reading your blog.. sorry ha, im so emotional about pets these days...
    maybe youve seen my pet rottweiler din, Major...
    he is sick kasi, sis. been sick for several months na. it is the big-C.. may cancer sha. he has a bone mass sa left front ankle nya...
    it has grown so big na, and i know it must be giving him so much pain and suffering...
    pero sis, mon and i couldnt have the heart to end it for him eh... we've planned to for so long now to have him put to sleep pero hindi ko talaga kaya...
    this long wait is killing us both... for now, we are trying to give Major the most comfortable life that we can...
    at least sis, Kenken didnt suffer much. it was relatively quick and easy diba... im sure he is in pet-heaven now, kung meron mang heaven for our pets... ;-)
    just be happy that you were able to give him a happy home during his life on this earth.
    sorry, ang senti...

  2. thanks doc. actually, i cried pagkabasa ko ng text ng mum ko, i called to ask her what actually happened. it was sudden, iyak ako sa work.
    i'm so sorry to hear about Major. i can emphatise with your feelings, i know it's really difficult but hang on sis, cherish the moments with Major. i won't have that opportunity with kenken anymore.
    sobrang senti mood din ako today. napangiti lang ako with your food shots. :)

  3. My condolences to you. i'm sad to hear this...what a beautiful pet he was...

  4. Miaouu !

    Nice cat...

    See You later !

  5. webradio, thanks for dropping by :)

    dennis, thank you. i feel much better now. he's really beautiful, i'll miss him a lot.


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