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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

lamp post


yesterday was really a sad day. i was really affected with the death of my pet. today wasn't really a fantastic day but i'm feeling much better.
i took this photo today on my way home while waiting for the bus. it's like one of those days when you just look up and see beautiful colours at the sky. it was really beautiful, and i couldn't let it pass without trying to capture it. even if it means i need to wait for another bus because my bus left when i was happily snapping this picture. so much for being engrossed! :)


  1. The sole lamp post is a very poetic and lonely picture...I share the sadness on losing your beloved pet..

  2. you are truly good... making the lamp post so interesting through your lense is amazing... so sorry to hear about your pet... happy thanksgiving to you... :)

  3. Cat pala si Ken...cant say anything to comfort you....but just looking t this wonderful photo...I feel calm, hope u do too!

  4. dennis, thank you :)

    mikky, thanks! :D

    giz, feeling a lot better. yep, i felt calm while taking that photo. engrossed din kaya naiwan ako ng bus :D


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