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Monday, November 03, 2008


i was never really that fond of wearing a watch. i used to before, but as soon as the battery died from a previous watch of mine, i never bothered replacing a new one. but when i saw this one in a swatch shop, i knew it was love at first sight. hehehe! i love the colours of this watch and the design too! plus factor is that it's cheap as it is actually meant for kids!
it's a sort of accidental shot. i was trying to diffuse the flash but was having a difficult time holding the cam and covering the flash. when i checked it out, i like how vivid the colours are. and it seems like it's a vignette. :D


  1. Your photo is pretty... How much is (cost) this watch ???

  2. webradio, thank you! it's cheap, about S$49. or about 25.98 euros. :)


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