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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

rainy days


just when i thought that the rainy days are over...and yet i was proven wrong. it's been quite rainy these days, although they said that i really should be expecting this kind of weather here at this times. i don't hate rainy days, as a matter of fact i do love it, but sometimes its also frustrating most especially if you have plans of doing activities for a sunny day and yet you have to change it because it would rain.

since it's always a rainy afternoon, i pass by our neighbors plants. i just can't help it but check the euphorbia plants. i like the droplets in the leaves. i most especially like the picture above. it's supposed to be a picture of two big droplets but i accidentally moved the leaves, so the other one's gone. here are the other pictures as well. i have to dispose them again :D

the flower with droplets

the droplets

flower with droplet


  1. Hello You !

    Here, it isn't raining, but there are clouds...

    Very nice photos...
    See You later !

  2. what a great shot... i love the raindrop... :)

  3. wow beautiful photos! are you using a macro lens? such nice pictures...

  4. thanks webradio, it's always cloudy these days here

    mikky, thanks for dropping by. love the raindrop too! :)

    dennis, salamat! point and shoot camera gamit ko :D


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