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Monday, August 25, 2008

ready for the prey


this is either Winnie or Jippie (bengal tigers) from the Singapore Zoo. it was their feeding time and from the looks of it, she's really ready to catch her meat. as rain was pouring heavily during our visit in the zoo, we stayed in the tiger's place for more than an hour. lesson learnt from the visit: do not go to the zoo during rainy days, i wasn't able to get decent photos of the animals as they were almost all hiding and you have to deal with the natural light of the zoo which isn't that good (it's so gloomy!). i might be back some other time...


  1. Despite of the light you got a very nice shot! The tiger is so beautiful, but what a fear!

  2. thanks for dropping by, yeah, i just have to keep on shooting him during feeding time! :D


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