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Monday, September 15, 2008



it was the Mooncake Festival over this weekend here in Singapore. my first time to actually celebrate the festival. unfortunately i wasn't able to attend the celebration at Chinatown. but still uncle has received a couple of mooncakes from his friends.
just some info, mooncake is a traditional chinese pastry made from lotus seed paste with a thin crust and usually contains egg yolk from salty duck egg. it is rich, heavy and dense. though most mooncakes these days have different variations.
the photos above are the nut mooncake and pig-shaped mooncake. the nut mooncake tastes good as i love nuts. but i didn't eat the pig-shaped as i know it is too filling. probably if i can find chocolate mooncake that a friend is raving about, i'd try that one as well.


  1. Hello !

    Miam miam...

    Sur la seconde photo, on dirait une tête d'animal...

    Bonne recette...

    Yum yum ...

    On the second picture, it looks like the head of an animal ...

    Good recipe ...

  2. For the shots of mushrooms, its mine


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