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Wednesday, September 23, 2009



yesterday, was the most heart wrenching moment i had. my 15-month old pupil is still at the hospital after a terrible accident (he's been at the ICU for almost two weeks now). his mother brought his older sister to school, i never really had the chance to speak to her and ask about the situation for i know the whole family is still under stress. upon going out, she passed by our classroom. i found her staring at the classroom, and she brokedown, silently crying. i felt her pain, her really broke my heart into pieces. all i could do is hug and comfort her. i know she's trying her best to be strong and tough, she was telling me how gorgeous and friendly her son is...and telling me that the situation is bad. i told her, we are all praying for him and hoping for the best of this whole situation. i've been really affected with the situation as he has been in my class since he was six months old, i've literally seen him grow. he is really a gorgeous, sweet, adorable, friendly and lovable  boy. i'm still hoping and praying....


  1. oh that is really sad. i hope the boy gets better. *hugs* to you.

  2. pano nakakapagturo sa month old babies??

    il pray for him..

  3. thanks Maria . it's really really sad.

    panjo playgroup teacher ako. teaching infants from 6-21 months. thanks for the prayers.

  4. sad. i hope he gets well too. that really must be hard.

    on a lighter note, im loving your photo. it's one of my favorites na. it's perfect for your post. it's a bit sad eh.


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