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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

poks the fox


as promised, the best photos i have of Poks! enjoy!

i just had to choose from my files as almost all are the same. i found out in youtube that they call him "poks the fox". maybe i should ask my friend to interview him the next time so i would know the info better. i know that he uses the smaller/shorter surf board without the "safety string". i was told that the shorter board is more difficult to use at it's more difficult to balance too! talk about being a real pro!


  1. ang galing nung surfer!!! tsunami ata yan ah. hehe..and syempre galing nung shots mo. ask ko sana kung paano m yan ginawa. but then i realized i will never understand it anyway. haha.

  2. so summery, love summer posts especially since our temps have gone down again.

  3. Reena thanks! di pa daw mataas yan sabi ng friend ko. simple lang yan, point and shoot lang :D

    EG thanks for the visit! he's really awesome!

    Maria would you believe it, it rained today here! after two weeks of hot, and very humid weather! positive thinking, spring is coming! :)

  4. You've caught the waves so well! Very nice!


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