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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

lazy morning

another lazy morning

another portrait of our house cat, Azumi. i love taking photos of her. she pretends to be shy but really i do think she enjoys every minute of it! this happened early sunday morning when i woke up and she's lazying near our window. i immediately grab my camera and started our photo op :D


  1. Azumi knows how to pose! Showbiz ah! :))nice shot... ganda ng banda ng lighting!

  2. ang cute nya!! I love cats pero mahirap mag alaga dito sa US e, magastos hehehe

  3. ate gita sinabi mo pa, super showbiz sila ni starsky! haha! tuwang-tuwa ako with the lighting that morning kaya ayan, photo op agad :D

    sardz thanks! i'm so into cats, i prefer them than dogs, pero demanding din sila pala. at yep super gastos! haha!

  4. love this shot. i really should learn how to photograph my cats. ang lilikot nila they don't want to stay put when i point the camera at them. kaya tuloy puro sleeping shot ang kuha ko :)

  5. ladyfi thanks! she's really such a poser :)


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