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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

long weekend...

koh phi phi

this was the view from the balcony where i stayed for my most awaited holiday. i went to Koh Phi Phi in Thailand! stayed for three days and the best part....i traveled all by myself! one to tick off my list of things i would love to do. i'm way behind posting photos but i'll try and update this one soon. and i came back crispy as lechon! way too burnt from staying under the sun for two and a half days. :D


  1. wow nice view! but next time you should bring someone ;-P para mas masaya hehehe

  2. all by yourself?!? congratulations. you are one strong brave woman. i don't think i can do that, be alone.

  3. sards hahaha! maybe, pero enjoy talaga solo trip eh, more time to mingle with everyone! hehe!

    maria yup! solo trip talaga! thanks! i never thought i can do it but i did and i plan to do it again this year! :D


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