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Sunday, October 25, 2009

portrait of tiger


the school staff has adopted him and his siblings, they were found outside school premises four weeks ago (yep they were newly born when found). everyone's taking good care of them (feeding and potty training :D). as much as i would like to bring him home i can't because i am not allowed to. this little fella really captured my heart. made me miss my ken. isn't he adorable?


for a friend who asked for a favor, just give me a few days to do it. i have a couple of stuff to dribble and dabble but i promise to make one for you. :D


  1. its cute :D

    parang pusa lang.. :D

  2. so cute!!! kakatuwa and he is really adorable! What's his name???? how I wish I could have a pet here too, hirap lang mag-alaga dami requirements hehehe

  3. panjo hahaha! oo nga no, parang pusa lang! :D

    sardonyx super kawaii nga! no definite name pero tawag namin tiger because of his stripes. they will be up for adoption nga eh, kainis k'se di talaga ako pwede to adopt him.


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