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Wednesday, October 07, 2009



is NOT my favourite colour!

i've noticed that i've posted some yellow flowers. but definitely not my favourite colour. though i have to admit that whenever i see yellow flowers, i have this joyful and sunny feeling. besides, yellow flowers symbolises friendship too! so this is for all my blogging friends! how do you feel now? :D


  1. Oh thank you for that lovely flower, Syel. I'm glad I'm one of your blogging friends ;)

  2. Hey thanks for the flower, isa lang! Hehe another nice shot! Are you member of pinoyscers in Singapore? You should join that ;-)

  3. I didn't realize I like yellow either until I had to paint my walls. I chose a yellow color (Early Morning Sun) for my living room and I love it. Of course it's not the bright yellow :=).

    BTW, I adore these wildflowers, they're always my fave subjects.

  4. dennis you're most welcome! glad you like it! ;)

    Sards you're welcome! mahirap ang kumpol eh! nope not a member of any photography club. ang gagaling ng mga members sa ganyan eh! :D

    Maria i like yellow too kaya i collect yellow cars! :D there's something about "yellow" for me! :D i like wildflowers too most especially the ones at the roadside! :D


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