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Sunday, August 15, 2010

speedy vacation


taken way back February '10

i got back from my speedy backpack vacation a few days ago. i returned with loads of work and personal stuffs to do. although i had a blast from my hectic vacation, i didn't took much photos of anything, but it was the best surprise i've ever given to my grandma (she almost had a heart attack seeing me in front of our door! :D) and my mum (she pretended to be upset of not knowing). my other "project" is coming up, will still sort things out before i post about it here. :)


  1. naks naman, umuwi ka ng Pinas? ako rin uuwi e excited na ko pero next month pa...ganda ng picture huh, kakainis ka na talaga hehehe, did you take photography class?

  2. wow, so umuwi ka nung long weekend sa singapore no? :) san nga ba province mo? glad to know your lola and mom didn't have a heart attack. haha. it's nice to surprise loved ones. their surprised faces are always priceless. :)

  3. You went home? Short notice ano?

  4. Sardz yep, umuwi ako ng pinas! hehe! super bilis, ginawa kong cubao to manila ang pinas singapore. hahaha! enjoy sa pag-uwi ha! uuwi ulit ako ng december :) btw, nope, i didn't take photography class, kuripot ako eh! salamat! hahaha!

    Reena yep, during Singapore day. sa Manila lang. and yes, super priceless, best surprise given to anyone, even to my closest friends who attended my lola's birthday k'se they thought they should be there since i'm not around, ayun sobrang mga surprise! :)

    Maria well planned since March, but only a few friends know. none in my family are aware kaya ayun lahat gulat na gulat. but super enjoy talaga!


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