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Sunday, August 01, 2010


starsky's portrait

he's Azumi's son :) he's one sweet fat cat. every morning, at 6 am, it's his ritual to wake me up, standing outside of my room and "meow-ing" until i get up and give him his breakfast. after that he would ask me to play with him or he would stand outside the shower area and wait until i'm done. he'll just go back to sleep once i leave for work. and he loves sharing the couch with me while i watch tv at night. he loves being the centre of attention. i managed to catch a portrait of him while he's resting :) 


  1. what a lovely sweet fat cat he is, simply adorable.

  2. parepareho palang style ng pusa kc ganyang ganyan din si emma ko. kakatuwa.

    musta na?

  3. thanks Dave ! he is surely a sweet fat cat! :)

    Maria nakakabaliw din minsan! hahaha! busy sched for the past few days and the coming week. but i'll be home for a long weekend, four days lang.

  4. anjoe does he look like one?! haha! thanks!


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