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Monday, June 08, 2009

at rest


taken at botanical gardens.


i've been all over the place for the past week. a few of my girlfriends are in town and i have been spending my last week sleeping late, errr, early in the morning and i have to get up early for work. i miss them and i love being with them but i miss my rest too. :D


  1. Sleep is what we normally have to trade for time with the gal pals. But I'm sure you had the best time showing them around.

    BTW, what a gorgeous tutubi this is. Great capture.

  2. Nice capture of the dragonfly, so vivid, galeng!!! Uy, iboto mo naman ako sa PEBA hahaha segway pa no :-)

  3. waah. buti ka pa nakakagimik ha. :) i'm spending lesser time for any socials. :)

    nice photo! pati veins nung pakapak nakuha eh.

  4. Maria thanks!!! yeah i had the best time because i really do miss them, just too bad that i have to work so i'm a little bit of sleep deprived for almost two weeks.

    Sardonyx thanks!!!! yep, binoto na po kita! hehehe!

    Reena sociable lang ako for the this two weeks. too tiring din most especially if you have work the next day. thanks!

  5. That's absolutely beautiful. And such a sharp photo.


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