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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

yellow and green


a borrowed sunflower from another class :)
been very very busy for the past two weeks. i had to juggle between work and entertaining friends. i was literally almost everywhere! :D but then, back to normal life again and hopefully to regular posting too! i will certainly be visiting my fave reads now that i have the time.


  1. Oh tell me this is from a real sunflower!!!!

    What a glorious image.

  2. parang bulaklak ng kalabasa.Hehe Panu ba inaalis yung background d q tlga mga sa cam ko

  3. Maria , yep it's a real sunflower. had to snatch it from the class before it wilts. thanks!

    panjo hahaha! oo nga no?! either gawin mo na lang blurred yung background or use artificial one. usually to really remove the unwanted background kelangan mo ng photo editing software. hope this helps! :)

  4. syel napapatambay n ko dito. nagsasawa n ako sa blog ko. lol
    napakainosente ko pa naman. lmao

  5. panjo sige lang, tambay ka lang...nawa ay malibang ka dito.

    napaka-inosente mo nga! halatang-halata! hahaha! sa niyugan pa ha!!!! lol!

  6. ganda, malamig sa mata...


express yourself :D and a big thanks!!!!

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