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Thursday, June 25, 2009

more than meets the eye


this is for a blogger friend (hi panjo!) since i know how much he wanted to see the movie! hahaha! i really enjoyed watching the movie, woohoo with the special effects! and even if it doesn't get a high rating from rotten tomatoes, i don't care. i so love the boys! i saw the movie to be entertained, amused and get my adrenaline pumping, and it didn't disappoint me. i don't mind watching it again and again and again. worth my two hours! i did say i love the movie right??!!!
forced photoshoot of megatron. that's just the cover of the tumbler i bought from the cinema. oh and i didn't know that hugo weaving was the voice of megatron. i so like hugo weaving!


  1. oh you've already seen the movie! buti ka pa. i haven't even seen demons and angels yet. i think i'll just wait for harry potter. super busy these days to go to the movies, too bad.

  2. That is a brilliantly lit image. We are still waiting for the movie to get here.

  3. huwaw.. special mention pa ang pulubing ako..
    Naghihintay pa lang ako ng malinaw na copy ng pirated.. High standard ang taste ko.. Dapat blue ray disc. lol
    pinapanood ko sa net kaso iba ang language. Haha

  4. Maria yup, first day! all of the movies that you have mentioned are written on my planner. all are priorities, that's why!

    Babooshka thank you! go and see the movie once it's shown there!

    Panjo hahaha! go see it sa big screen para malakas ang impact! gusto ko nga ulit panoorin eh!

  5. megatruck! ganda naman ng laruan... nakakainggit..


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