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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

once in a blue mooon

blue moon

my first post for the year and my first full moon. i will be experiencing a blue moon even if i'm not in the Philippines as i will have my second full moon here by the end of the month. crossing fingers i will catch the second blue moon! :D


i'm back! had a blast with my vacation. so many things and people to meet but so little time. this is my best vacation so far ever since i have moved out. few key words, waves, beach, pines, and most definitely, food! please bear with me as i have tons of things to juggle now that i am back in the real world.


  1. Happy New year, Syel! Glad you're back. And I love that Blue Moon photo, very romantic!

  2. gandang panimula..

    ok lang na di tayo nagmit.. sanay na akong mging least priority :drama: nyahaha

  3. pag walang piktyur ng puto bumbong, lagot ka :D

    i'm sure you had the time of your life. can't wait to see the proof that this is the best vacay ever!!!!!

    glad you made it back safe in singapore.

  4. Great shot, as usual! Go ahead, get busy with the real life! I'm pretty busy too, I can't even update my blog now!

  5. Dennis thank you! i've noticed you always find moon shots romantic...bakit kaya?! :P

    Panjo sus! super drama! hahaha! sobrang busy k'se talaga. kulang sa time. pag-uwi ko nga ulet or kaw na lang punta dito. hahaha!

    Maria na-pressure ako! but really sorry, ibang food na lang pwede? will have to sort the photos pa. but i promise to upload them asap :)

    Ayra thanks for the visit! i've missed your posts and comments. my first week in school is definitely crazy, i wish that the vacay was longer. :)

  6. Syel..ewan ko ba hindi naman ako werewolf hehehe...kidding aside..looking at the moon gives me a romantic experience..lalo na kung kasama ko yung babaeng matagal ko ng minamahal subalit hindi ako pinapansin

  7. Dennis ah! so pareho pala kayo ni Reena, romantic pag nakikita ang moon! :D tsk tsk, di ka pinapansin, baka naman di nya k'se alam :D

  8. happy new year!!!
    tagal ko na nag pipicture, hindi ko pa din maperfect ang moonshot the way you do perfectly each time!

    oh well, sayang di tayo nagkita nung vacay mo.. dibale, kitang kita naman na nag enjoy ka ng husto...

    let us make the new year an even better one than last. happy new year ulit! mwaah!

  9. Ate Gits thanks! shutter priority ako palagi pag moon shots.

    oo nga, super kulang sa time sa dami ng kelangan ko i-meet but yes, i had a grand time, obvious eh!

    will definitely make this year better than the last. thanks ulit! mwah!

  10. ganda naman! ano bang lente mo? hehehe ganda ng kuha eh

  11. Sardonyx salamat! 55-200mm maxed ang zoom. pero mukang malapit ang buwan sa pinas kaya madaling kunan :)

  12. Nice shot! :) only few can have a great shot of the moon :) i guess you're one of them ;)

  13. roanne thanks! it takes practice and long lens before i was able to do it :)


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