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Sunday, January 31, 2010

to commit or not to commit

blooming and wilting

taken at Baguio Botanical Park, December 2009

i'm dreading for this week as i will be taking first aid course for six working days. night classes for 3 hours! aside from that, we will be having exams as well before we would get our certificate. i couldn't believe the crazy schedules i'm having ever since the start of the year! i definitely need a break very soon!


  1. Beautiful flowers and great colors!
    They make me long for summer!

  2. the start of 2010 is very interesting and busy for a lot of people. good to know that your year looks like it's going to be a productive one - learning a new and important skill.

  3. thanks Jom ! is it almost spring there? that's the advantage of being in tropical countries :)

    Maria i honestly don't mind being busy, pero sobrang sunud-sunod ang sked ko for work. nahihilo na ako sa dami ng dapat gawin! :(

  4. Kcalpesh thanks! and thanks for dropping by too! :)

  5. TO COMMIT!!! sandali, sa flowers ba to or sa love life? hahaha...

  6. Reena hahaha! to commit sa first aid course! well, exams ko na tomorrow kaya committed na ko! kaw ha, fishing! hahaha!


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