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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

surf up!


surfer at san juan la union


it's still taking me quite sometime to post photos from last year's holiday. it's a hectic and crazy start for me. i'm still trying my very best to juggle things around. i have tons of these to share. please bear with me. stayed in san juan for two days since i really don't have that much time to spend away from everyone. i went here with my friend, Alambre. and no, i dared not to try surfing! :D


  1. this one's a professional capture Syel. the splash of water is very nice. ako din i love to watch surfers, but have no guts to try it :(

    hey, we will be waiting for the rest of the pix.

    ako din i am still going thru all the pix i took from the last vacation.

  2. thanks Maria ! i was in awe watching them the whole time, envious as well but i didn't try talaga.

    work is getting my way to sort things out. crossing fingers i'd finish organizing stuffs by weekend. dami k'se eh!


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