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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

the black and white of it

black and white

playing around with the effects on this gerbera (?) flower. i'm really really poor with floras, it's pink in colour but somehow i like the black and white effect. 


btw, i've watched "clash of the titans". i was looking forward to watching the movie but was somewhat left wanting for more. definitely a popcorn movie, although i was expecting more from it. nevertheless, i still wishes to be io as i really really like perseus! :D


  1. Was about to watch it after church on easter sunday but the weather was couch weather - rainy, wet, cold, and windy. Next week na lang siguro.

    Yap I think that's a gerbera - a type of daisy?

  2. maria nothing to rush about watching this. although i was waiting for it and besides reward for myself. crush ko si perseus eh! :D

    no idea re gerbera as a type of daisy, matanong nga si google :D

  3. I agree, the picture should really be in black and white..I have seen too many colorful flowers already..the B/W flower somewhat reminded me of the old movie "sunflower".

  4. dennis thanks! you've had enough of the colourful flowers? haven't heard of that movie, maybe i should ask google :D


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