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Sunday, April 11, 2010

rusty railroad

old railroad

old railroad along Sunset Way


i've blogged about the day i went up for a hike during the middle of the day. this was on the farther end of the danger zone. as you can see, it's really old and rusty and i doubt it if i can cross it without falling (although i am really contemplating to do it that day :D). the funny thing about the trees from afar is that it never really had leaves which i don't know if it's dead or they're just like that. i am contemplating to get to the other side (on a safer route below) and get a close up of those trees. and i will cross my fingers not to encounter any snake if i do that! :)


  1. Beautiful photo! Your world is really different from mine. I don´t have to look for snakes...

  2. thanks Jom ! yeah, two different worlds :) i don't look for snakes, they find me! :D

  3. this is just my type of photo, i like the composition very much. did you manipulate the lighting? galing eh.

  4. awesome shot syel! marami bang snake dyan?

  5. Maria thanks! nope, but i saturated the colours a bit. it was scorching hot when i took the shot, about 2 pm. tustado ako dito :D

    Sardonyx thanks! konti lang, mga 3 pa lang yung nakikita ko'ng patay sa may road eh! hehehe! puro half grown pa lang :D

  6. Maybe they are dead trees? Whatever, the photo is so melancholic. Parang still sa horror movie na "Haunting"

  7. dennis siguro nga, up until now, i'm still looking from afar takot ako sa ahas eh! hahaha! you always amuse me with how you feel everytime you check my photos :D


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