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Saturday, May 15, 2010

alien glass :D


playing with "faux lomo" app for eleanor


i haven't been updating my  blog for the past three weeks. i've been on a roll at the start of the month. roll for getting into accidents that is. i've started the month with a huge bruise on my left shin (i still haven't had this checked if there's a crack but definitely no fracture). after two weeks, i had a cut on my left wrist. although both are healing right now, seems like i'm a magnet into accidents. a box of toys had missed falling on my head the other day. how lucky can i get?! i hope the month ends well and i think i had enough accidents to last me for the whole year. 


  1. nice shot, what is faux lomo? looks interesting

    I hope you're ok now and hopefully more blessings and no more accidents ;-)

  2. Very nice, clever PP here.

  3. sardz fake lomo effect. lomo should be film k'se pero i just used an app for my iphone. btw, i'm ok now, hopefully no more accidents. mahirap eh! :D

    dave thanks for the visit! :)

  4. syel- now I remember that faux lomo, I saw that from my Kuya's post sa facebook using that application from iphone nga, hmmmm matry nga yan hehehe


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