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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

moon ni reena :P

moon ni  reena

moon tonight :D


this moon photo is for my friend Reena. she told me, i won in her blog anniversary contest! it was fun because i have never ever won anything during contests. although a bit ironic though because i already know the prize to be given which is a big secret of hers :D but still i'm grateful! so please accept this thank you photo because it reminds me of her being cheesy and mushy..."looking at the moon means we're so not far apart" :D


  1. kita din ba dyan yung eclipse ng moon at venus? :D

  2. congrats!!! dapat "new moon" ang title hahaha

  3. panjo hey, long time no hear ah! busy eh, di ko nakita or napansin, nakita ko na lang sa pics. kainis k'se ang panahon dito eh :D

    sards hahaha! "new moon" ba?! thanks, kulit ng raffle eh, ako talaga nanalo. haha!

  4. congrats. sna ako naman manalo. never really did win anything.


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