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Sunday, April 05, 2009

time to reflect...


it's the start of the holy week. most of the people i know (hi Reena!) will take their time off and spend quality time with their families and/or friends. since i obviously won't have my time off and won't be spending it with my family, i'll take the opportunity and time to reflect. it's funny how my colleagues are expecting me to join clubbing with them on Thursday night since Good Friday is a public holiday. they are not expecting me to refuse the invite and i told them i will just be staying home during the long weekend. i know i don't look the part but this is what i have grown to...staying at home and reflecting during this time. i wonder where are you all going to???


  1. Nice, another beautiful photo, what's wrong with you? You're awesome LOL.

    I'm not going anywhere. Boring LOL.

  2. Thursday, I will attend memorial with the kids. We might not observe the same way you do, but we also remember the death of Jesus as he commanded as to. Love this photo....simple but symbolical.

  3. thanks Ayra ! nothing's wrong usyusera lang palagi! hahaha!

    working until Thursday naman ako :(

    Giz thanks. will be working until Thursday. iba ang feel ng Holy week dito unlike sa pinas. will be off duty on Friday (pahinga from blogging :D)

  4. I'll be off from my regular job on Friday, but I'll be working all the same. Probably harder than during the week!

    Love this shot. Beautifully simple, and simply beautiful.


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