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Wednesday, April 01, 2009



yes, i was back here some three weeks ago. but this was taken last january :D. i had to do a little bit of researching before i decided to post this. pardon the blurriness of the shot. was trying to do long exposure, hand-held. was too kuripot to buy tripod. and yes, there's tooth relic at the temple :D (please don't ask me for pictures, i didn't look for it :D)
The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple was founded in 2002 by Venerable Shi Fa Zhao. It is dedicated to the Maitreya Buddha and houses the tooth relic of the Sakyamuni Buddha. for more information check here.


  1. what do you mean founded? was it built that year, i mean completed that year? it looks like it has been there forever.

    you have magnificent shot here.

  2. what's long exposure? ... aba, kuripot ka pa sa lagay na yan ha. kala ko ba madalas ka bumili ng gadgets? pang april fool's day ba yung statement na yun? hehe.

  3. Nice blending of colors :-) I have a tripod but I don't use it naman hehehe, too lazy to hook-up :-)

  4. Maria thanks!!! apparently temple construction commenced in 2002 and was completed two years ago (2007). double check ko din sa website nila. was also shocked that it was just completed two years ago.


    Reena uhm long exposure meaning medyo matagal naka-open ang shutter, i'm also not sure technical term k'se. kuripot talaga ako! hahaha! ayoko talaga ng tripod k'se mabigat, i'd rather invest sa lens ulit.


    Missy thanks for dropping by! i'm not sure if i'll be buying a tripod in the future. mabigat eh, too lazy to carry it! :D

  5. This is absolutely awesome! Great lighting, especially against that night sky!


  6. Wow, that is a superb shot. Is it just me or everything appears to be misty?

  7. hi Mojo! thank you!

    hi Ayra ! mukang "misty" ung photo k'se blurred sya and medyo over exposed sa light. thanks for dropping by ulit! :D

  8. I think this is an incredible photo, you did quite well! What is it about those danged tripods? I am the same, I just hate to drag it around, such a pain in the arse! ;)

  9. thanks Oz Girl ! i just don't really like tripods or to put it, i don't want to spend money buying one. and i agree it can be quite heavy and i don't want to carry one while walking. :D


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