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Monday, March 30, 2009

turning black and yellow


taken at changi village on a 12 hour day tripping.


not a good start for my week. had to stay back for 3 days including today due to an eye infection. hopefully i'll get better really quick as i hate not being able to do my work (a little bit of workaholic! :D) and i can't seel clearly so i can't go shooting properly too :(


  1. hahaha! i have some type of eye infection too; you know what we call back in the phil na sore eyes; i'm at work right now and will wait if boss says i'm endangering their eye health :D

    btw, i love this technique. i have been doing some and will probably put a series on this type.

  2. mine naman, my right eyelid is swollen i can barely open it. hopefully you'll get better soon. avoid contact yata if you have sore eyes.

    yep, i like this technique too. i use it pag too distracting ang paligid ng subject. i will wait for this series ha!

  3. galing! pano mo nagawa yan? you adjusted the camera, or it's done in the computer? galing!!!!

    naku, kuliti yan. siguto kung san-san ka sumisilip. hahaha

    get well soon!

  4. Nice composition, and the blending of colors. How I wish I can take that kind of photos di ko pa napag-aaralan ang camera ko masyado hehehe

  5. Reena oh no! not kuliti! hahaha! inflammation because of dirt daw according to the doctor. di ko k'se mabasa ng ung handwriting nya about the proper term eh. wala ng swelling medyo back to normal na. :D

    post-processed ang picture. para lang mas stand-out. ay, baka sabihin mo jargon ulit, photoshop, ikanga! :D

    Sardonyx salamat sa dalaw (parang nasa kulungan ako nito! :D)! kaya mo din yan, you take good pictures too! :D


express yourself :D and a big thanks!!!!

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