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Tuesday, March 24, 2009



still taken at palawan beach sentosa after the rain

whenever i see hibiscus (gumamela) i can't help but reminisce childhood days. i'm a batibot kid and one of the things that i have learnt from the local sesame street show is how to make bubbles using gumamela or hibiscus. gather a couple of hibiscus flowers and leaves, grind it then mix with a little bit of detergent soap in a container and voila! you have your own bubble solution! use either a straw or a papaya stem to blow bubbles! easy and cheaper way to make one unlike these days that you will have to buy them in toy shops. although i also realised that it is cruelty to gumamela plants. i miss those days!


  1. ah nilalagyan ba natin ng sabon yun dati? hahahaha...kaya pala mabula. :)

    aww, i miss gumamela.

    ps. mahirap nanaman word verif mo. :)

  2. Reena yep! may konting tide powder. depende ata sa consistency ung dami ng sabon. wala jan gumamela? sige for you na yan.

    hiya na 'ko so tinanggal ko na lang word verif! :D

  3. we did the same thing, mash the petals until it becomes very gooey; but i never learned it from batibot. i think some "wise" kid from the neighborhood showed us how to do it.

  4. yep until it becomes really gooey!probably that 'wise' kid learnt it from batibot :D i can still vividly remember how it was done in batibot. batang-batibot eh! :D


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