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Friday, March 06, 2009

half moon


yesterday while i was looking out, i finally saw that the sky was quite clear. meaning, no clouds were hiding the moon from my eyes. for the past few days the moon was underneath some thick clouds and i really couldn't get a picture of it. i'm glad the sky was all clear, as in no stars except for the moon. pardon the noise. i was just excited while happily snapping photos.
the Urban Patriot has finally rest today. i am not big fan of him but he's an icon in the music industry in the Philippines. he's an artist in it's real sense. it was a happy battle for him for the last seven months after he was diagnosed. i am really saddened by the news and did shed tears. and to think that one of my fave bands will have a concert tomorrow night. they are going to pay a tribute for him on the last set of their concert. condolences to the whole family....


  1. You are the best moon photographer I know!

  2. Yes, I just heard about his demise and it saddened me a lot. I was thinking of blogging about him a little.

  3. This is beautiful. Great capture.

  4. Maria it's really sad. i was really shedding tears while watching Eat Bulaga. kalungkot talaga :(

    Dee thank you! thanks for dropping by! cheers!

  5. Dennis thanks! siguro ako lang kilala mo kumukuha ng moon pics. hehehe!


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