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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

colourful lights


guess where i've been during my 12 hour day tripping cum walkathon? :D
(a little bit of excited trying to use VR for memphis! one thing i have learnt, never go with an addict to a camera shop, you will definitely end up buying something. although no regrets, i promise myself not to visit any camera shop soon:D)


  1. very festive. there is something about red that conveys so much cheerfulness.

  2. wow, very colorful!! binebenta ba mga yan?

    naku, pareho kayo ng sis ko. ang daming gadgets na nakakabit sa camera. :)

    so, musta na nireresearch mo? hehe. kelangan maikwento mo din yan dito. :)

  3. Maria , it is indeed very festive looking! i really like the different colours of the holders! :D

    Reena yep, binebenta nga :D hay, mahirap ang maluho sa camera, hahaha!

    ung research ko?! hhmmm...pag nakausap ko na ng matino, post ko dito kung ano un. promise! :D


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