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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

here i am...


oh no!!!! now i feel so pressured about the sentosa trip! lol! it was actually a chill out day for me and my colleagues since we had our term break last week. they all decided to chill and have a swim at the beach and 'forced' me to come since i haven't set foot there. we were there for half day, they went swimming and i just had to chill out by the shore (yes, i was a killjoy! hehehe!). it rained and the sun didn't shine on that day (Friday). and since i was too lazy to wander, i just took pictures of the flowers nearby and the rest are all the photos of my 'frustrated models'. to make the story short, i was just in palawan beach and didn't really walk around the area. but i did manage to get decent shots of flowers nearby! :D i promise, the next time i'll go to sentosa, i'll be wandering around. and the flower above is one of the decent shots i took. :D


  1. Wow! Love this! (Sali mo sa mellow yellow moday)-- IM so glad to see you already have flowers there!

  2. oh this is fantastic; one of my fave shots ever.

    fortunately palawan beach is where we chilled out too, and it did rain while we were there too.

  3. Giz thanks! photo meme ulit? i will try. :)

    Maria thank you!!!

    something we have in common na :D palawan is much better than siloso beach daw eh. although i haven't really checked if it's true.

  4. we're not pressuring you at all...but we "demand" sentosa pics. hahaha...lam mo ba i went there but didn't go around too? sayang. umuulan kasi that time..

    i love this flower! parang color scheme ng san beda. hehe

  5. Reena wala talagang mashadong kuha. hahaha! puro flowers at mga co-teachers ko.

    napansin ko lang, medyo mukang madami natetyempo na rainy everytime they visit sentosa. bakit kaya???


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